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2019 SR22 G6 Platinum

Cirrus SR22 G6 Platinum with Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin Avionics

This Cirrus SR22 Generation 6 is a five seat single engine composite aircraft. With advances in engineering this model carries 200 more pounds than it's predecessor bringing the gross weight to 3600 pounds. With Flight Into Known Icing, air conditioning and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, this aircraft is the perfect choice for your next leisure getaway or business trip.


Airframe & Powerplant: Continental IO-550-N 310 HP Engine, Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI), Airbag Seatbelts (Front Seats), Single Movement Power Lever, Dual Side Yoke, Hartzell 3-Blade Lightweight, Composite Propeller, Built-in Oxygen System, 60/40 FlexSeating Seats up to 5, Leather Interior.

Avionics: Avionics Cirrus Perspective + by Garmin Cockpit, Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), 12 Inch Screens, GMA 350/C All-digital Audio Panel, Keyboard Controller, Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios, Engine & Fuel Monitoring, Garmin GTX 345 Transponder, 406 MHz ELT, Garmin GFC700 Autopilot with Electronic Stability and Protection, Dual AHRS, Hypoxia Check & Automated, Descent Mode, Blue Level Button, Autopilot stall protection, XM Weather.

The following Performance and Weight and Balance numbers are given for informational purposes only. Pilots should always consult the POH when calculating a true Weight and Balance prior to flight.


Vx: 88 Knots
Va: 140 Knots
Vno: 176 knots
Vs0: 64 Knots

Vy: 108 Knots
Vfe: 150 Knots
Vne: 205 Knots
Vs1: 74 Knots

Weight and Balance

Gross Weight: 3,600 LBS
Max Useful: 1,172 LBS
Empty Weight: 2,428 LBS
EWCG: 140.7
Moment: 341.584
Max useful with FULL fuel: 620 Gallons