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Travel Express Aviation (TEA)

Convenient, Exciting, Private, Educational, Relaxing, Social. These are some of the reasons why people flock to general aviation and choose to fly private. You may be looking for a place to learn to fly, someone to help you make a decision in purchasing just the right airplane, an airplane to rent because you aren't ready to step into airplane ownership just yet, a school to help you fulfill your dream of becoming an airline captain, a private air charter so that you can attend a business meeting or take a vacation without the stress of a public air terminal. We understand.

Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Experience. These are some of the reasons why people flock to Travel Express Aviation. We are proud of our 40 years in business here at the DuPage Airport. We are grateful for the strong relationships that we have built within the aviation community over the years and if we haven't already met, we look forward to meeting you.

Aircraft Rental, Flight Instruction, Aircraft Management, Private Air Charter. These are some of the services that you will find at Travel Express Aviation. We are standing by to help you.

Follow Your Dreams, Forge Your Own Path . . . Take to the Skies!

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